Friday, October 3, 2008

Foreclosure Alley

Not related to downtown, but had to share this anyway: KCET did a story on the foreclosure crisis in the Inland Empire. Absolutely heartbreaking.


Browne said...

Wow times are getting tough. Did you see this:

A new law in Nebraska that was intended to help infants said you could drop off any kid under 19 without being prosecuted and 14 children and teenagers have been dropped off in the month of September.

This is some amazing developments in just how bad it is, especially for people with children.

It's really heartbreaking to see such things. I don't know what I would do if I had a kid and we had to run out in the middle of the night. I would probably just kill myself owing to the shame, though I would do it in a good way so that it would look like an accident so my kids would get insurance money, of course that's the cowardly way out, but finances are so important in America without being financially solvent it seems like it would be better to just be dead.

The government should do something, it would be the decent thing to do. I would gladly pay higher taxes rather than to have this kind of thing happen to people.

Li said...

Browne, I saw that story in the NY Times. Yeah, things are bad and going to get worse. I'm probably going to blog about it in the context of downtown at some point (I have serious doubts that Grand Avenue, Park Fifth and the Medallion are going to be completed in the next five years) but alas I'm too busy right now.

BTW, thanks for the tip on Metro and for dedicating a blog post to us. I've never had a shout out on a blog before, LOL.