Monday, January 12, 2009

"You're walking home alone in the dark?!"

A conversation today with a woman at my job:

Her: How long does it take for you to get home from work?

Me: I live downtown so it's just a 20-minute walk.

Her: What? You walk? Alone? In the dark? Downtown?

Me: Um...yeah.

Her:But isn't it deserted?

Me: Not at all. In fact, the streets are packed. I can barely walk across Broadway.

Her: *skeptical silence*

Me: No, really. Lots of people live downtown. Even when I was taking a class at UCLA and getting home at 10:30 on a Tuesday night, the streets were crowded with people walking their dogs.

Her:You really shouldn't take such crazy chances.

Me: *facepalm*

(Keep in mind that our office is in City West. I think this woman drives into the garage and doesn't leave the building until she gets back in her car to drive home)


WeezerMonkey said...

I have lived in Downtown for eight years now. I used to be like you...until I got mugged a few years ago just a few feet from my building -- a "safe" area, I thought. Now I never walk after dark.

Don't be too nonchalant.

g said...

WeezerMonkey's experience noted, I have to say that I've lived in all kinds of cities, and walked in them at all kinds of hours of the day or night, and - while I've felt wary - I've never felt unsafe. Dumb luck or street smarts? I don't know.

So sorry for WeezerMonkey's mugging.