Friday, October 16, 2009

Channeling Carter's Blog

It's 74 degrees, going up to 83, and I just saw a woman in Starbucks wearing a wool coat with a fur collar, tights and boots. WTF, Angelenos.


meekorouse said...

was she wearing any pants?? I usually see these girls wearing like short shorts and those boots.. which I think is sort of a stupid look.. like you were too sleepy or too much in a hurry to find shoes that actually went with your outfit. IMHO of course (obviosuly FIDM isn't looking for my opinions on fashion! LOL)

Li said...

Tights and boots. But I know the look you're talking about. It can't be comfortable trotting around with sweaty feet and calves on a 90 degree day. I think I'm too old to suffer for fashion anymore.