Thursday, November 20, 2008

Store Closing Sale! Sample sale! SALE! SALE! SALE!

More store closings on Menswear Row due to, you know, teh misery.

Academy Award Clothes is closing their store location carrying Name Brand Clothing Suits, Sport Coats, Slacks, Dress Shirts and Ties Tallia, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein etc… Vintage Clothing Tuxedos, Dinner Jackets and Tail.

Aww, cheer this guy up and buy something!

I expect their stock and custom apparel business to continue, so you still have time to score that sweet pure-white "Tournament of Roses" suit for only $184.75.

Down the street, Pellucci is so poor they can't even maintain the "P" above their door. But where else are you going to find this much suit for $69.99? Act now! Don't miss out!

Meanwhile, spotted on Ninth St, "Bees and Dragons / Monster Republic Kids Sample Sale!" Of course I missed the first day, but it happens again this Friday, 11/21. Our kids can be the fashion plates they deserve to be! -- 834 S. Broadway suite #703, 1/2 block north of 9th st. on B'way (next to Orpheum Theater) Friday (11/21) 11AM-5PM. Boy's sizes: 6M - 10 Infant/Baby: 1M - 24M

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I got a ton of suggestions for preschools so I thought I'd make them into a post. These come from parents on the City Kids LA message board.
Here is a list of day care options that my husband and I investigated when we were looking for day care for our son. Some of these include preschool. Our son is now at the USC Child Care Center just off of Adams.
  • County Kids Place

    This one is close by and seems to have a lot of space available for kids. It's located just across the freeway. The only thing we didn't like about it was that it was in a sort of strange location.

  • Mount St. Mary' College Child Development Center

    We didn't visit this one because it's for toddlers, but they are located close by on Adams.

  • H. Pregerson Child Care Center

    This was probably our favorite program. It seemed that the teachers there really enjoyed their jobs and the kids looked really happy. Unfortunately, it's also really hard to get into (at least for infants) since federal employees have priority.

  • White Memorial Medical Center – Rainbow Children's Center

    We didn't get to visit this one because they we could never make our schedules work with their schedule. However, a co-worker told me she really liked it there when she visited it. They also have a bilingual program which sounded kind of cool. If you speak Spanish, it might be best to speak to them in Spanish when you call. I think you get better service that way…

  • Cal Trans Tiny Dots Early Education Center

    This is another one we didn't have a chance to visit. I sent in my paper work, but for some reason they didn't get it. The facility is new and looks pretty cool though.

  • Union Station Gateway Child Development

    This one is located at Union Station. There isn't much outdoor area here so the set up is kind of weird. It might be worth checking out though.

  • I also heard that City Hall has a day care center, and that there is one associated with the Buddhist Temple in Little Tokyo which is supposed to be really good. We didn't have a chance to check them out though, so I don't know too much about them.

    I hope this list helps!


I spoke to one of the ladies at work and she thinks the Nishi Hongwanji Child Dev. Center is AMAZING!

Nishi Hongwanji Child Dev. Ctr
815 E. First Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Susan at 687-4585

I guess it's over by the 1st St. Bridge. Her son goes to Kinder there and she raves about it. They may not take 18 mos old babies though,they might need the baby to be potty trained. :)


Both of my kids are at Tiny Dots, and we love it! It's clean, the outside area is HUGE, and the teachers are really caring. The only drawback is that Lupe, the director, seems to be a little overworked (she has twin boys of her own, so I think she is a little distracted
sometimes) If you want to visit the center or get your child on the waiting list (and yes, it is a rather long list, unless you are looking for part time) I suggest calling in the morning before 10 am, and don't leave a message. Just keep calling until you get through to her. Otherwise, you just get added on to the pile of messages :) They start at 6 weeks, and go all the way through preschool.

GREAT list Noemi!

BTW, we have friends who have their kids in Serendipity (In the ronald reagan building) Our neighbors have one of their kids in the Buddhist temple in Little Tokyo...they all love them!


Pilgrim School at 6th & Commonwealth

They have an amazing preschool and kindercare and they are also K - 12 school
gorgeous facility
amazing people and staff

my son is at Kindergarten there

takes 5 min from center city

(note from Li: Pilgrim is very reasonably priced)


HIgashi Honganji Buddhist Temple

Director's Name: Leslie

505 East Third Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Telephone: (213) 680-2976

My daughters are very happy here.

If you're a Downtown parent and you haven't joined the Yahoo group, you should! It's great to connect with other parents and you get access to a ton of information on resources for parents downtown.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Spotted outside Good Sam Hospital.

I didn't want to spend the $4.00 to find out, but I am intrigued to know how this works. Does the meter register $1.00 per hour until the magic sum of $4.00 is inserted, at which time it flips to 10 hours? Is the rate really 40¢ per hour? Is this some sort of Parking Dept. mystery math and I should be submitting this photo to

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Preschool for Kidlo

My son is 18-months-old and we're realizing that it's time for us to start looking into preschools. I know there are a lot of preschools downtown--apparently they serve the government workers at City Hall and the Federal Building--but I have no idea which are the good ones or how to choose a preschool. Any suggestions? I'd love to hear about your experiences with downtown preschools, good or bad. We are also open to sending Kidlo to preschools outside of downtown, so if you know of a fabulous school in, say, Elysian Park, let us know.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

About the weather

When shall we three meet again?

In thunder, lightning, or in rain?

When the hurlyburly's done, When the battle's lost and won.

Who says we don't have weather in Southern California?