Saturday, April 25, 2009

I think she's shit out of luck

I was just walking into my building when I overheard a girl talking to two cops:

"So like I sublet an apartment in this building and then they evicted the guy I was renting from and the sheriffs showed up and locked us out and now I can't get my stuff..."

Yikes. I'm guessing she was paying rent to the original tenant and he never passed it on to the landlord. Also, it was probably an illegal sublet. Will she ever see her stuff again? Does she have any rights at all in this situation?


Elizabeth said...

I think she is S.O.L. I've never had a sublet but I would think if I did, I would meet with both landlord and tenant and get it all in writing.

meekorouse said...

I think it's up to the Landlord if he wants to make an exception.. but legally he doesn't have to do squat for her because if she wasn't on the lease she has no leg.

The original tenant has 2weeks to make arrangements to remove their things but it sounds like the original tenant didn't live there.

A good book for the person to check out (assuming they read your blog) is California Tenants Rights by NOLO or better yet the Landlord Version of that.. because it goes through step by step the process that will take place next.

but yeah.. slim to none.

meekorouse said...

ps: the fact that the original tenant let it get to the point that the cops showed up to escort her out means that the 2week period elapsed and they had their 60 or 30day notice to vacate.. Someone didn't do something or a few somethings.. The fact that the cops got there means they didn't do a LOT of somethings.. depending on what transpired.