Monday, April 20, 2009

Artist Identified

A reader identified the wonderful sculpture I posted about back in March: Unexpected art is unexpected. It's by an artist named Tom Otterness who is based in New York. The sculpture is called The New World and he has photos of it on his site. I've seen his work in NYC but didn't make the connection. How cool to have such great art tucked away in Downtown.


bgfa said...
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bgfa said...

Same artist as did the whimsical sculptures all throughout the 14th & 8th Ave subway station. Personally, I like the plaza work in downtown LA better, it was when he was younger and didn't have the "schtick" so down.

BusTard said...

I thought the motif looked familiar! I have loads of photos of those bronze (or brass?) pieces that feature alligators, monebag-headed men, elephant's feet and sewer covers—most of which have subway tokens integrated into the work. The material, the placement, the form and function and aesthetic are all very well done. And they are all over the place through most every level. I am still not sure I have seen all of them, what with some being in the iron lentils and other odd places.
I was not aware he had any art here, let alone in a public place and so great in size. I will have to pop over and see it firsthand. Thanks, Li!