Saturday, May 16, 2009

I was feeling annoyed with Downtown...and then I remembered why we left Silverlake

So we're still in the process of trying to find a daycare center for Nathan (something that has turned out to be a far bigger PITA than I expected). I've been striking out at places in and near downtown, so we decided to see what was available in Silverlake. MB contacted a place called Camelot Kids and was told a) they don't like getting phone calls--all contacts have to be made through their website, b) they had no openings for 2009 c) they had very few openings for 2010 and they had a selective admissions policy. Wo.

MB decided to check out their website and discovered the following gems:

* There's a "Conflict Resolution Word of the Month," described as follows:
Conflict resolution is something that we all work on, on a daily basis here at Camelot. We have brainstormed and come up with various ways on better educating our children about conflict-resolution. We have decided to showcase a different word each month that every class will discuss during one of their school days. We hope that by doing this they may have a better understanding of that word and can formulate different tools to apply to their everyday lives.

MB and I were guessing which words they used. He came up with FAIL and I came up with CRETIN and POSEUR.

* The website includes a lovingly detailed description of their toilet cleaning routine:
* Every urinal, commode, sink and even the floor is treated with Sanis Ultra clean, followed by a fresh water rinse.
* Water is vacuumed away along with all bacteria and soil, allowing floors to dry quickly.
* All fixtures are blown dry so your restroom is ready for immediate use.

Along with this, we have Suzanna our cleaning lady who comes twice a week and cleans each and every bathroom as well as all the other rooms in the facility. The toilets have also been fitted with an anti-bacterial solution that sanitizes after every flush.

We also have an air purifier in each class-room to remove airborne particles and hopefully reduce the spread of gems between the children.

*They offer classes in organic gardening, Bollywood and "Pixies, Fairies & Imps!"

My boss has a theory that modern liberals, in the absence of a meaningful spirituality, have taken to turning their children into fetish objects. I laughed when she told me, but now I think she's on to something.


Anonymous said...

I have passed by that place many times and the kids coming out of there never look happy. And half the time you see nannies shuffling away with the kids, rarely seen are the parents. Besides, the school across the street is no better. They're busy pumping the kids' parents for donations even though they receive donations and sponsorships from various organizations. I'm not sure who in that community taught these schools to be so careless and money hungry.

celia said...

Have you tried the Ralph M. Parson Preschool at the Expo Center?

Here's some info on all the offerings at LA Expo Center, which includes a swimming stadium with free learn-to-swim program, a recreation center, a senior citizen center, rose garden, and amphitheatre:

Li said...

Wow, Celia, I had no idea there were all those things at the Expo Center. Thanks for the great tip!

Molly said...

Ummm, wow. This daycare sounds like a breeding ground for psychopaths. "Pixies, Fairies & Imps?" Seriously? CRETIN is definitely the word of the month.

Thanks for your comment on my blog entry that got linked over at Mark Bittman's. I appreciate what you said. I've been sort of horrified by the tone that's being taken in the comments there. "I can solve urban poverty! Let's put them all on a raw food vegan diet and forcibly sterilize them!" Blah. I hadn't heard the Michael Pollan thing either. What a tool. I bet he went to that preschool in Silverlake as a child.

Li said...

I hadn't heard the Michael Pollan thing either. What a tool. I bet he went to that preschool in Silverlake as a child.LOLOL!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Li,

As a parent of two children that currently attend Camelot Kids Preschool, I can olny thank God that you were not able to get in. It is peope like you that that stand out like a negative energy red flag...loving to cause problems!

I woud love to go into it more with you, but it is pointless to waste time on someone like yourself!

Look both ways before crossing the street!!!

Li said...

Wow, did you just wish for me to be hit by a car while crossing the street? How open-minded, tolerant and zen of you. Exactly the attitude I've come to expect from Silverlake.

Anonymous said...

No Li
It would just rid the world of one less crazy person. I'm not from "Silverlake" BTW!!!