Monday, August 31, 2009

We're crazy but not that crazy

I got this email through the blog this weekend:

Hi there,

My cousin introduced me to your blog because I live in the Alexandria as well, and I was just curious how a family of three is able to manage in that building. I could be wrong, but I had thought the biggest units were one bedroom, and that the income stipulations were pretty strict so that only low income people could qualify. I'm not accusing you of being a fraud or anything, like I said I'm just curious.

Nice blog, btw.

Your neighbor,

Just to clarify: we *PARK* under the Alexandria, we don't live there. We love downtown but we're not insane enough to raise a child in a residential hotel, even one that has a fancy schmancy restaurant in the lobby.

ETA: The post that inspired the blog name.


Anonymous said...

Wow - I thought you lived there too. Good to know.

BaddicusFinch said...

Settle down, settle down...if a low income resident falls in love and moves in the new friend and they have a baby or two and the mother-in-law move in...they don't instantly get thrown out.

The combined household income just still has to be below the low income ceiling set for that year in that county.

So please don't harass any current or future families...unless you're sure the mother-in-law is sitting on top of a goldmine

MeekoRouse said...

LMAO!! It's called 'under the alexandria' not "IN the Alexandria"

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering about the alexandria parking. What happens if you are blocked in after hours and it's an emergency? Or what if you can't find a spot after hours? When I bought my parking there, they said it was 24hours.

Anonymous said...

I was actually wondering about the parking at the Alexandria. When I signed my contract, they said it was 24 hours but I'm finding that it really isn't. What happens if you are blocked in and you have an after hours emergency? Or what if there is no parking spots available?

Li said...

After hours, you have to call the Alexandria's guards to let you into the garage. They can also move cars if you are blocked in. If you are parking after hours and can't find a spot, just leave the car by the desk. As long as you don't completely block the way in and out of the garage, you can leave it for the attendants to move in the morning.

MB said...

The after-hour number is 213-626-7484, and choose the option for the guard desk. If the gate is closed and I want in or out, I call and the guard is along to unlock the gate in a minute or two (or you can just step inside and ask at the guard desk, of course.) They will also escort you downstairs and stay with you 'til you are out, if you find it creepy down there at night.