Friday, September 25, 2009

Space for Yoga Classes

Today I got this request from a friend of mine:

I am emailing you because you live and/or work in or near downtown. I'm looking into possibly renting out my own space for a couple hours every other week to teach some classes. I am trying to gauge if you, anyone you know or your company might be interested in something like this? Also, let me know if you know of any places renting out by the hour for this kind of thing...they might be nicer and cheaper than the ones I am looking into.

Does anyone know of a space that would work? Maybe a loft space that's used as a studio?


jim said...

there is a space on winston, just off main street, that is used as a gallery/event space. i think they actually do their own yoga classes there, too.

Li said...

Thanks for the tip--I passed it on to my friend.