Saturday, February 21, 2009

Boogying in Chinatown

Today I took Kidlo to something called Baby Boogaloo, which is a monthly event for kids that's held in a jazz club in Chinatown. They had a DJ and a lit-up dance floor, an arts and crafts corner, an area stuffed with toys for the really young kids...and a fully stocked bar for the parents (ahem). The DJ was really good and Kidlo had a blast.

By no stretch of the imagination could you call downtown kid-friendly (no parks and a crappy elementary school), but there are a lot of great activities for families. This Baby Boogaloo thing, puppet shows at the Central Library, music classes at Disney Hall, tons of museums just south of downtown. It's pretty cool to have so much to do with Kidlo close by.

Another fun thing was that during our time in Chinatown I got to see this building, which was once featured in Dwell magazine (click the link to see photos of the stunning interior).

This loft is amazing and if I had a spare $3 million I'd buy it.


Jason Li said...


I was thinking of going to this, but Chinatown was a little difficult for me to get to with my two girls. Perhaps, I'll try to make the next one on Feb 25.


Li said...

We took the bus, but I only had one kid to corral. There's parking right next door to the club, so driving would've been easy too.

Judi Love said...

So glad you got to show up! They do such a nice job of making the afternoon fun! And yes, that loft article in Dwell was very nice! I think of it everytime we go through there.