Thursday, February 19, 2009

I want to run away and join the circus

MB and I went to see Lucent Dossier at the Edison last night. It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G., kind of a steampunk hipster circus troupe. The show opened with a woman singing in a cage suspended from the ceiling. There were aerialists, magicians, acrobats and just plain freaky looking people tricked out in gorgeous pseudo-Victorian costumes (and not all of those people were part of the act). At $15, this show is a major bargain and worth being bleary eyed at work today (though next time I'm taking the next day off so I can get my circus on without worrying about work).

ETA: I forgot to mention they had an absinthe cart pushed around the club by a woman wearing fairy wings. The absinthe came in tiny bottles with tiny corks. It tasted pretty good--sweeter than I expected. But I think I'm feeling it today--there's tiny hammers banging against my skull from the inside.


skidrowdude said...

Yeah- Wednesday night with Louis is my fav now- especially because they don't have a dress code that night... it used to be if you got there earlier (like 6) had the happy hour and a bite to eat, they did not charge cover. But things have been changing there lately so they may sweep the place out and make you pay..

Li said...

Times are tough so I can understand why they might have to make people pay the cover. But next time I'll try getting there early and see how it goes.