Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ay Yi Yi

So I decided to leave Kidlo with MB and go shopping at the Glendale Galleria. I was in Macy's shoe department when the earthquake hit. We got rattled pretty good--some of the shoppers literally ran out of the mall--but apparently that's nothing compared with how it felt downtown. Per MB:

EARTHQUAKE yada yada... Yah, it shook a bit. I guessed, confidently to a friend immediately after, "5.5! Yah, 5.5, definitely." It turned out to be 5.4, so what do I win? BTW I'm always amused by the news media's response to an earthquake. Turn on the TV and you find an anchor calling his buddies and asking "Um, did you feel it?" "Sure, Kent, I was at the bar sinking Jaeger shots when I fell against the urinal and while I was throwing up, I felt an odd sensation... Anyway, yes, it was an earthquake. Yes it was.

Thanks honey? MB forgot to mention that boxes were knocked off his desk, plaster was knocked off the side of the building and poor Kidlo woke up from his nap and has been velcroed to us ever since.

This former New Yorker is freaked. I've felt two baby earthquakes before, but nothing like this. The earth Should. Not. Move.

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bgfa said...

"The earth Should. Not. Move."

Welcome to LA.