Monday, July 28, 2008

Up in Smoke

The Militant Angeleno recently wrote a post on the LA Hair District.Well, we have one up on him. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...the Bong District.

The Bong District is on Third Street between San Pedro and Main. It seems to be wholesale only, though I suppose if you wandered through on a Saturday you could get someone to sell you a hookah.

The marijuana-leaf door hangers are a nice touch.

I was struck by how overtly phallic the bongs are. Check out how the girl in the poster on the lower left is holding the bong.

Yet smoking weed is about the least libido-building activity you can imagine. Which is why, I suppose, the stores all sell this:

Finally, I leave you with a blast from the past:

Whip-its? Good God, the 80s really are back.


Anonymous said...

We call this Hookah Alley. A friend of mine comments that there can't possibly be a demand for that many hookahs in Los Angeles. So funny.

Anonymous said...

wow, I wonder how the hookahs held up in the earthquake!

I didn't think there was much damage but it's interesting to see all the pics sent in to the abc news site:

-irene (aka doodlefactory/aka soon to be sb-resident)

Li said...

Irene, thanks for the link! And welcome to the building. Hope you like it here!