Monday, January 5, 2009

The Alpha and Omega of Downtown

As I've mentioned before on the blog, I grew up in the Bronx in a pretty gritty neighborhood (actually, the same neighborhood as Jennifer Lopez...but try not to hold that against me) and I also went to an Ivy League college. So I've spent most of my life straddling the line between two wildly different worlds. I've had dinners at some of the most expensive restaurants in Beverly Hills and I also shop in Boyle Heights. And I love that my life is that way, that I'm not confined to any one social sphere. That's why I really enjoyed the way Kidlo and I spent our time last Saturday.

In the morning, we went to the LA Athletic Club for a swimming playdate with a mom and daughter who live in South Park. The mom is very cool (she's an active member of the Downtown LA Kids Group) and I had the added bonus of experiencing the luxury of the LAAC. Two swimming pools, a full-sized basketball court, squash courts, two bars, three restaurants, a spa...I could get used to living like this. MB and I are going check out the club on a day pass and see if we can swing a membership (probably not, but I can dream...)

In the afternoon, we got back to reality and shopped at Fallas Paredes on Broadway and 5th. They're basically an overstock store with zero ambiance and incredibly cheap prices. Not the most pleasant place to shop, but a great place to buy kid's clothing. This trip I found a Carter's pajama set and Osh Kosh jeans for $6 each. I hear a lot of complaints about the Broadway shopping district and I understand why--it's not exactly like shopping at Target. But if you're a bargain hunter and patient, you really can find deals.

The LA Athletic Club and Fallas Paredes are a half mile away from each other. I can walk to both from my loft.

That's what I love about Downtown LA. It's really a reflection of how I live my life, all of these subcultures bumping up against each other. There's no other neighborhood in LA like it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Li- glad you made it to LAAC. You really should think about it seriously as it's not too much $$$ if you USE it. And it's a 90% DISCOUNT on initiation for downtowners ($250 vs. $2500)- no contracts which is bonus too.

And I hear you on the Alpha Omega thing- I walk there and usually take Broadway instead of Hill just for the entertainment factor... it's a love-hate relationship w/ Broadway but always entertaining.

I hope LAAC can offer a good package for you, MB and the kiddo- it's almost swmimming leasson time isn't it? :-)


Li said...

Hi Eric,

Part of the reason I'm hesitating is that I just joined 24 Hour Fitness. Which is, of course, not at all in the same league as LAAC. But yes, swim lessons and also being able to drop the kid off with the babysitter while I work out or get a massage. That would be pretty sweet.

Anonymous said...

enjoy dt now. in 20 years it will be the santa monica promenade ... yeech.

Glennis said...

You put it so right.

I tell you, if I'd had places like Fallas Paredes to shop at when my son was a little guy, I'd have been in heaven!