Monday, May 26, 2008

More on the shooting

Blogdowntown has coverage of the shooting. What's interesting are the comments. A sample:

I was in my loft right across and heard the shots, I just moved into the new building at the Manhattan directly across from the Hayward, what a great way to welcome me into the neighborhood!!

I was really scared, I just hope this isnt something that happens often, I thought Dowtown was relatively safer now, Im always going out here and finally decided to make the move. Can anyone tell me just how bad it might be?


Adrienne: I can assure you that this isn't a normal event. First time I think I've heard of something like this in the four years I've lived here.


I agree with Eric. Been here since 2004, and this was the first time I'd seen something like this downtown.

Now, the westside...Alex and I saw one shooting, heard 2 - all within one weekend.

The next weekend we came downtown to tour lofts, and four months later (due to construction scheduling), moved into Santee Court. We would have moved sooner that year had rain not stopped so much construction downtown.


We were watching it all transpire, including the police sniper on the roof of the Stock Exchange. Definitely scary, but definitely not the norm. Adrienne, don't worry, you're safe, we have an 8 mos. old in this neighborhood and if it was not safe, we would not be here. :) The only recommendation I can make is to remember, you ARE in an urban environment and you need to be aware all the time. But that's any city environment in the world. (Editorial note: Another family with a baby!)

And finally, a comment from MB:

We just moved from Silver Lake to the Manhattan. My wife is a little freaked out about this. For me, when I found out it was a starter pistol, things went from "Scary" to "How drunk was he?"

The LAPD crime map for downtown can be scary, but then, during our time in peaceful ol' Silver Lake a body was dumped in the alley behind El Cid, as well as a lot of broken car windows. And before we were married, there was a gang related drive-by murder down the street from her... In Brentwood! But let me say this: I've lived in Los Angeles since the Eighties, and I have never felt safer here. And I feel much safer here than I ever did in NYC.

So now I feel silly for the freakout, but at least I wasn't the only one. Adrienne and I should get together for drinks and commiserate on being easily spooked. *sigh*


Hatchetgirl said...

Hey - I'm the one with the baby! :)


Li said...

LOL! I'm so glad to finally meet you! We have to get together soon with the kids. Kidlo is recovering from stomach flu but when he's better, I'll email you to set up a playdate.