Friday, May 30, 2008

No stinkin' shooting is going to keep the Hayward down

Right on the heels of the Hayward bang-bang, the management has announced a rehab of the facade. From Blogdowntown:

The ground floor retail space in the Hayward Hotel at 6th & Spring is getting a major rehab, part of owner Pacific Investments' efforts to upgrade the building's presence in the Historic Core.

Worn awnings are giving way to ceiling-high windows and a modern feel. The effect, even in its current, unfinished form is a more open feel to the sidewalk and the storefronts.

One of the commenters found a Loopnet listing advertising for a restaurant to fill one of the storefronts.

Property Description:
Restaurant/Cafe/Sandwich Shop Opportunity
Downtown Los Angeles
Currently 2400 Live/Work Loft Condos within 2 block radius, an additionail 2500 for sale/lease within 8 months.

Beautiful Community
Neigborhood in huge growth spurt! Perfect time to invest!

Owners looking for Restaurant to bring charachter to the neiborhood. Willing to negotiate condition and lease terms.

Surronded by all historic loft buildings... next door to new gourmet market.

Community currently includes markets, cafes, restaurants, salons, winebars, dry cleaners, furniture showrooms, clothing stores, and art galleries.

Whoa, wait--a gourmet market?! Halleluja! MB and I have been bitching about how hard it is to buy groceries around here, and even though a gourmet market will be pricey, it will be so nice to be able to run across the street for, say, an onion if we need one.


Dave Bullock /eecue said...

That would be nice, the wife and I have been hoping for a gourmet market for some time now. For now we go to Gelson's or Whole Foods.

Anonymous said...

First off, it is nice to have so many new folks downtown. I've been on Bunker Hill for 14 years and years ago this area and downtown was a near residential wasteland. Now it is reaching a sustaining point.

There is quite a good little market I use a lot located at the bottom of Bunker Hill Condominium at 800 West 1st Street, that is open till 11pm SU - TH, and till midnight on Friday and Saturday. Excellent wine and spirits choices and better than average stuff. Also so much better than it was years ago under different management. There is some free parking by the store at the rear.

You should also try Marukai and Mitsuwa markets in J-town.

Li said...

Thanks for the tips! I'd love to be able to shop locally.