Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Silverlake sucks

A post in Curbed LA asks why the Rowena Reservoir isn't open to the public. Some replies in the comments section:

rowena reservoir is encased. the water in the picture is "non-structural" - by which i mean purely for aesthetics. the space used to be open to the public, after it was first built. this being silverlake, i'm sure it was closed at the request of the neighbors.

The heartbreakingly beautiful Rowena Reservoir actually covers a subterranean water storage tank and even though the precious H2O is now protected and secure below such landscaped wonderfulness, my bet is the grounds will remain off limits long into the future. I'm gonna hazard a guess that it was fenced off due in part to the efforts and outcrying of area residents who feared it would draw the vast unwashed transient masses. That's what the Silver Lake Meadow is for.

Ugh. I'm so glad we moved.

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