Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random Stuff

Saw a homeless woman doing sun salutations in the alley behind Glo.

The new Starbucks on Wilshire and Bixel is apparently a big hit. I'm hoping it encourages more retail in that area. I'm ambivalent about chains, but there is almost nothing on the stretch of Wilshire from the Harbor Freeway to Union, and the Starbucks has definitely made that area feel less desolate.

Traffic was crazy in South Park tonight. Based on all the young girls I saw tricked out in Lakers gear, I assume everyone was driving in for a game.

*quick Google*

Duh, not only a game but the first game of the Western Conference Finals.** A commenter on Curbed LA said that traffic in South Park isn't bad even on game nights, but I think he's a little deluded.

There was a party in the park behind FIDM. Don't think it was Lakers related. They had a band, balloons, food. Wanted to check it out but I had to get home to put Kidlo to bed.

Saw two different men pick up cigarette butts from the floor. Only one of them was homeless.

I need to get myself some new shoes. All this walking is making me realize that my shoes are only suitable for strolling from the garage to my office and back again. My hips and knees are aching, which is sad considering that when I lived in NYC I walked at least two miles a day, plus climbing up and down the subway stairs, all while schlepping a bag with the approximate weight of a bowling ball. I hope the exercise pains die down and I get back into shape soon.

ETA**: It was also the finals for American Idol. We don't have cable and don't watch much TV so I didn't have a clue. I'm so out of touch...

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