Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Art Walk in 90 Seconds

(edited because I figured out how to embed Flickr videos)

A stop motion video of Art Walk made by tradica and forwarded by Bert Green.

The last art walk was fun. We brought Kidlo with us for the first time and he was a champ even though we kept him up way past his bed time. We went for a drink at 626 Reserve and I was worried about bringing Kidlo inside, but the bartender was all, "Hey, I have a four-year-old son! C'mon in!" Lots of cool art including a gallery on Spring near 5th that had large paintings that looked like photo enlargements (can't remember the gallery or artist--if anyone knows who this was, let me know). Also, lots of other kids--I counted five other baby carriages and a few older kids too. It's cool to be able to expose Kidlo to a little culture without anyone being bent out of shape.

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