Sunday, June 22, 2008

Random Stuff

Met Bert Green at a friend's daughter's birthday party. He rode his bicycle to the party in Griffith Park. On Saturday. When it was 100 degrees. That's way more hardcore than I'll ever be. Bert is bursting with energy and in about ten minutes we got the complete scoop on downtown. It's very cool knowing someone who's been in the nabe since the beginning of the revitalization.

Bert told MB and I that there are periodic blogger get-togethers downtown, so hopefully I'll meet the people on our blogroll sometime soon.


Heard from the building manager this morning that our roof pool will now be shutting down at 9 pm. Apparently there are people bringing 100 of their closest friends to the roof and partying until the wee hours. They're also bringing glass to the pool area, which is not a good idea given that broken glass in water becomes invisible. At least we're not the only building with pool problems. Pool misbehavior is apparently common downtown.

Meanwhile, after a month and a half, the building is almost completely rented. This includes two apartments in the basement where the only light comes from skylights (as MB puts it, a "dim blue glow from the ceiling"). I'm not sure who would want to live down there, though I suppose if you're a studio photographer, not having much natural light could be a good thing.

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bgfa said...

Li, good to meet you and family at the park party. I'll need your email address to get you set up with the blogger list. Email me at the address on my card.