Monday, March 16, 2009

Seen in front of the Hayward

Classin' up the joint!

Geez, open a burger joint and a gallery named after dangerous drugs and next thing you know the Rolls-Royce crowd is out front.

Speaking of burgers, the D-town Burger Bar has been stuffed, business seems busy at the Bodega next door to it, and of course the Nickel has been doing well. See, you Retailers? Just because a neighborhood has a six-figure median income doesn't mean it wants nothing but fru-fru restaurants and boutiques. Man does not live by Tuna Carpaccio alone. I was wandering around Old Town Pasadena last week wondering where the natives go to buy a pint of Half-n-Half.


Anonymous said...

great shot! Amazing to see that car outside that "hotel."

Scott said...

Don't get too impressed. That's a middle 1970's model, one of the least desirable vintage Rolls models. There are a few of them around, since almost everyone who ever bought a Rolls took care of it anally and lavished tons of money on maintenance. You can get one of these for about $20 - $30 K, and almost all of them are in fantastic condition. Of course, you're taking on a gas hog and a huge maintenance budget, for substantially less than a new Lexus, it's an option that some quirky people might just consider.