Sunday, March 22, 2009

That singing guy!

That Singing Guy we spoke of two weeks ago? Well, as he can no longer sing on the roof (or where ever he was that echoed into our loft) during the day, he's taken to singing on the corner of Fifth and Spring:

(Please excuse the shakeycam, my camera is really too light for video work.)

Impressive set of pipes on that guy, he is loud! He sang for about ten minutes longer, then when he was done, he got in his mobility scooter and drove back into The Alexandria.


jim winstead said...

he's not singing, he's preaching. he's been doing that at the corner of 5th and spring for about as long as i've been downtown, although there was a one or two year break.

he doesn't like dogs. he's always afraid that wonton is going to relieve himself on him or his scooter when he gets too close.

MB said...

As we haven't been down here two years, we've been missing out. Our loft is behind the Alexandria, and when he's on the corner we can't hear him. Too bad he gets on the roof (or out his window or whatever) only at night now.

meekorouse said...

I caught him the other day I couldn't make out what he was saying but I thought it sounded like he was calling out train departures & arrivals or something.. sing-songy but not quite singing..

Judi Love said...

Oh yes, we call him the preacher. I don't know how he goes on like he does.