Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pot, meet kettle

Dear Neighbor,

I can certainly understand why you'd be upset that our neighbor's Lakers party lasted until 4 a.m. However, it was not the party that woke me last night. It was you shrieking, Stop making so much motherfucking noise! I'm trying to sleep you stupid motherfuckers! Next time, try some earplugs and a shot of bourbon instead.



BusTard said...

You are fortunate that it was but one night; the Rosslyn is far worse in the lower floors. Idiots on all night with their teevees, pot-induced lung butter sessions and Coleco games (yes, really!)
But back to the Alexandria: I remember when the riot squads were using Spring Street during the DNC2K, and had the post office been built the way it is now, there would have been no shelter from the furniture raining down on the little cop-laden trucks.

Anonymous said...

If you can't beat them might as well join them. And you should've taken Kidlo as well I bet that would've made them feel good.