Sunday, August 31, 2008

Good weekend

MB spent Saturday and Sunday at his house in Lancaster so it was just me and Kidlo this weekend. On Saturday we had breakfast at the Nickle Diner, the new place on Main between 5th and 6th. The space is beautifully decorated with red leather booths and tiled floors, and the staff were super nice and falling over themselves to be of service.

They didn't have a high chair for Kidlo but co-owner Kristen assured me they'd have high chairs by next weekend. Good thing too since I saw two other families in the restaurant while we were there. Kristen and I chatted a bit and she said that she was glad to open the restaurant on a stretch of Main that in the past had been a bit intimidating for women to walk down alone (more on that later). She also claimed that the menu items were chosen with women in mind, though I'm sure that even the most macho guys would enjoy eating here. I had the baked eggs with polenta and sourdough toast--so good that I came back on Sunday when I ordered the even-better scramble with goat cheese, spinach and bacon with homemade salsa.

I was happy when I found out the Nickle was opening because as Kristen said, that stretch of Main has always felt a bit intimidating to me, mostly because residents of the Hotel Leonidas hang out in front. But I'm thinking that perception may not have had much to do with reality. After eating breakfast, Kidlo and I walked past the Leonidas and were greeted very politely by the men standing in front. One guy even said, "That looks like a happy baby!" Same thing on Sunday when I went back. It was a nice reminder that most of the people who live in the residential hotels are just neighbors (though I'll admit it's pretty f-d up that I needed reminding at all).

After eating at the Nickel on Saturday, Kidlo and I walked to Olvera Street. The walk was very nice--I enjoyed looking at all the beautiful Art Deco (I think) government buildings. Olvera Street is very touristy but it's a nice place to take kids. Kidlo had a great time toddling past the vendors and through the oldest house in Los Angeles. I'm really happy that there are so many kid-friendly destinations that I can get to without a car.

Jesus on the wall of the Oldest House in LA

Sunday Kidlo and I hung out by the pool. Not surprisingly, it was pretty crowded and everyone looked surprised to see a baby in the water. It's funny how most loft dwellers think of Downtown as being a kid-free zone. (FYI, the baby population of my building increased by one this week.) The pool was great--no chicken floating in it or anything.

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Anonymous said...

That "food with women in mind" comment may refer to the fact that the Nickel is lesbian owned and operated.