Friday, August 29, 2008

Veterinarians Downtown?

My kitty Chula (pictured at right; Archie is the kitty at left) is pretty sick. Her liver is so enlarged that it's pressing against her lungs and heart, and her kidneys aren't working too well. I took her to Echo Park Animal Hospital on Glendale Boulevard but I don't think the doctor is very good and I'm looking for a second opinion. Can anyone recommend a vet close to downtown?

Update: Thanks to all who recommended vets. Chula is doing okay for now--she's eating and seems to be comfortable. I'll let you all know what the vet says on Tuesday.


Dan said...

Don't know about downtown, but I'll put in a plug for Laurel Pet in West Hollywood (Santa Monica Blvd, one block west of Fairfax). While it's close to me now, I'll keep going there even if I move further away because of the quality of the work they do. I've dealt with too many crap vets in my life--no more.

Hope Chula pulls thru--she's a beauty.


Kim said...

Try LA Central Animal Hospital, just over the river in Lincoln Heights. They have taken good care of our kitties for some time now, including monitoring Evel's slow decline in kidney function.

Here's the yelp link with reviews and contact info.

Hope your Chula gets better.

Anonymous said...

Don't EVER go to that butcher in Echo Park. He's revolting. Seriously. That carniceria needs to be shut down.

I recommend Dr. Jamison at Gateway Animal Hosp on Los Feliz Blvd. just west of Atwater Village.

He's kind, caring, and very good.

Good luck with the cat.

Anonymous said...

I've had a good experience with this place in Highland Park:

There's another place on Ave 26 closer to San Fernando Road (not the one Kim mentioned) that is run by a total jerk. The tape "stitches" on my cat after getting fixed came loose. And when I took her in once for an injury he found some fleas, which was totally unexpected, and the bastard started questioning "what kind of home" I live in. That was the last time I went back there.

Joe Cornish said...

The Monday doctor at Echo Park Pet Hospital is good. His name is Dr.Prescott. He is young and has a great bedside manner. Try him. I trust Ruby with him and I'd only leave my girl with the best.

Dr. Prescott is only in on Monday. Give Chula a kiss for me.