Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This trend must end

I've seen at least three girls in the neighborhood with skull tattoos right in the middle of their chests. Big tats that stretch from shoulder to shoulder. I'm too much of a chicken to take photos of these girls, but Flickr has plenty of examples of what I'm talking about.



Anonymous said...

It is the "trend" now a days especially for the rockabilly chicks or the suicide girls type style, or the Kat Von D's of this generation. I personally like tattoos but I would not get all that on me it just not my thing to that degree but yes I got a few friends rocking the chest tattoo!

Pachuco 3000 said...

I don't like tattoos at all. I believe they screw with your bio electrical field, and that is why peeps who get one tat feel the need to get another, because the first one threw them out of balance and they feel another will bring them back into balance.
Way back when our witch doctors would prescribe a tat, it was because we had been made out of balance and with a tat in the right place and size it would put into balance.
But then again I'm just crazy.

MeekoRouse said...

those are so ugly.. (the examples) I don't see how anyone would get something like that which won't wash off. ehh.. I like the idea of henna tats better as those fade over time.

at least those aren't on their butts.. (plumbers ass isn't attractive no matter how pretty the girl or boy).

Anonymous said...

I agree, those are just awful. That second picture can't be real....and if it is, she needs to be committed. Her parents must be so proud.

I have no problems with tattoos, but don't get stupid, now.

Anonymous said...

I saw what looked like a 16 year old boy with the tattoo of a lipstick kiss on his neck. Why? Was that supposed to be his girlfriends lips? Wouldn't her name been good enough? Why on the neck and who would have done that to him, but you know body art is a completely subjective

I'm glad I never got a tattoo. They come off like Uggs now, the tattoos I would have gotten would have been stupid.

Not all tattoos are stupid, but quite a few of them are. People who have bad taste in music tend to have bad taste in tattoos. I have bad taste in music, so the law of the universe states I should not get a tattoo

If you ever thought Madonna was ok, even for a second you probably should stay away from tattoos. I'm probably dating myself

Anonymous said...

I've seen the 'lipstick lips' tattoo a few times since arriving in LA and I don't get it.

Tattoos are all the rage the last decade or so, but here in LA they seem to be more popular than say the Midwest.

My wife made a comment recently that if you have a large, visible tattoo on your neck or arms than LA is one of the few places in the world where it's not going to hold you back from getting a job.

Unknown said...

They Are Both Sexy and ColorFul. I Love the 2nd One Better because it's more Colorful. My Wife Finally got one, but She got what has affectionally been referred to as a Tramp Stamp (Lower Back). I have 3 Tats Myself, but all on Chest or Back. Tattoos or Body Art is a WonderFul Thing !!

Anonymous said...

It might not be your taste, but the 2nd tattoo is definitely done well. I've seen the lips tattoos as well, I think it is better than getting someones name, because the relationship might not last forever, so you do not want their name on you.

Anonymous said...

Being a tattoo artist, obviously I'd be biased and for the tattoos, but as a human being I just have to say that who are we to judge. It's their body and they can do with it as they like. If the body is a temple...they might want theirs with a little decoration.

Jamie said...

WOW I really think nobody here has anyroom to open their mouth and judge people for what the have. Did you ever stop to take a moment from your ugly choice of words to think it may stand for something thats meaningful. Like maybe her father passed away and her tattoos reminds her of him. Who knows what any reason it. I'm actually getting a huge SKULL tattoo today on my chest and ya know what MY PARENTS ARE PROUD!! Maybe you should look your self in the mirror then judge.!! People make me sick.