Friday, August 29, 2008

No Recycling For Us

We got a flyer about a month ago announcing that our building was starting a recycling program. I was very pleased since one of the reasons I like living downtown is that it's less wasteful in almost every way to the traditional single-family-house, driving-everywhere lifestyle. But yesterday I found out that my building isn't recycling anymore. Apparently people in the building were dumping trash instead of recyclables into the bins and the landlord decided he didn't want to deal with it.

So, a few questions for anyone who's reading: Is this legal? Can the landlord just decide not to recycle? And do I have any other recycling options? I'm willing to walk a few blocks to avoid polluting landfills with more crap.


Anonymous said...

Check out this post about recycling in apartment buildings in LA:

It could help you to convince your landlord to bring it back.

bgfa said...

It is legal because Los Angeles does not have a recycling program for large apartment buildings, only for single family homes. and small buildings. This is a part of the long standing bias against urban living in LA.

Li said...

Rich, thanks for the link! I'll pass the info on to the building manager.

Burt, it's insane how things that are just standard in other big cities are controversial/unthinkable in LA.

Anonymous said...

Li, I think you live in the SB Manhattan across the street from my building, the SB Lofts (a lot of the silly signs you've posted are like the ones in our building.)

I think we still have our recycling bins, wonder why you guys lost yours. I do have to agree with your general assessment, though, that there are a bunch of knuckleheads living in these buildings. Some of our neighbors leave trash including FOOD (not in bags, mind you, just strewn all about) right outside in the alley, instead of walking it 10 feet to the dumpster.

That's just great....why don't we roll out the red carpet for the rats.

AS for other options, this is what I do. Even with the blue cans (I only really put paper products in them anyways), I put my other recyclables (plastic bottles, cans and glass) on the street, either inside or right beside the green trash cans along the sidewalk. I guarantee you, that within 5 minutes, someone has picked it up to recycle for CRV redemption. It makes me feel better, knowing that the items will be recycled, but that I've also put a little coin in someone's pocket at the same time.

One time I was walking my recyclables towards the green can, and this lady happened to be rummaging close by...she was so thankful and appreciative to get my big bag of empty Coke cans and wine bottles. I had to make two trips another time(I drink a lot of coke and wine) and I dropped off one bag by the green can outside my building, went upstairs to grab the the time I made it back down, my first bag was gone.

The Purple Shirts have seen me do it, and don't say a thing, so I assume it's ok to do. I'm sure they don't want people using those green cans as dumpsters, and I'm not doing that, but with so many people on the street constantly digging through the trash to find recyclables, I don't see how it should be a problem.

Li said...

Lola, I just did that recently with a bunch of empty water bottles from my car. I wouldn't be able to set out all of my potential recyclables, but it's something.