Thursday, August 14, 2008

This afternoon I spotted workmen pressure-washing the door of the Stock Exchange, with other work going on inside. Is the S.E. going to reopen as a club? "I think so," opined one of the workmen.

I don't know how the folks at City Lofts feel about SE reopening as a club, but the doors will look great.


bgfa said...

I just heard that they are spray painting the doors gold as we speak. The world is coming to an end.

Li said...

Christ. Could the doors be restored? Or are they ruined forever?

Scott said...

Just like that dolt Barry Shy who painted the former bank buildings he owns with white paint. Some of the parts were just concrete, but I believe some were natural stone. Maybe not marble, but some other kind of stone.


Anonymous said...

Man, I live across the street @ premiere towers. I hope it doesnt become a crazy club! A small bar/lounge would be cool though!

(as there are lot of foodie type places opening up there!)

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for those living across from the S.E., unless the club seals off the Spring Street entrance and patrons have to enter in the back.

If not, get ready for Cheese Ball Disco 1992!

I at least hope you have a bird's eye view of the door, as you'll want to document big-haired girls in little black dresses, wobbling on heels as they barf NEXT to the trash in front of your loft building.

Oh, and the loud, screeching, teary-eyed telenovela fights you'll witness.

Dammit. I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

Two and a half years later and this resident of City Lofts loathes this club. Every weekend a major fight breaks out, and of course my loft looks over Spring Street, not the alley!