Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Downtown BID wants to hear from families

MB and Kidlo were stopped on the street today by Justin Weiss, Assistant Director of Economic Development for the Downtown Center Business Improvement District. Weiss says that he'd like to hear from families living downtown. I think he's seeing it primarily as a way to get families to promote the neighborhood, but it's also a great chance for families to become more visible and make our needs known to the business community.

That reminds me: when I first moved Downtown I saw drug dealing going on in front of the Alexandria. I called the police and got a polite response but the dealing didn't stop. Then I called the BID. The drug dealers were gone within the week. Lesson learned. If you want something done, go to the people who have the money.

I'll post an update once I speak with Weiss. If you'd like to contact him, you can reach him at


jim winstead said...

if the cops bust some drug dealers, it shows up in the crime stats.

if the bid chases them off, it doesn't.

Rich Alossi said...

I've had great experiences with the BID's safe & clean team. (Disclaimer, my fiancee works with the BID)

Ever tried calling Central station at the LAPD? I was on hold for 15 minutes. The BID answered on the third ring.

Not only that, they actually respond within a short period of time. Lesson learned: Make sure the BID's Safe & Clean number is on speed dial and in your cell phone. (213) 624-2425

For true emergencies, I'm not advocating calling the BID instead of 911. It's just good to know there's an alternative to busy signals.

Though the BID's borders vary in the Historic Core, they partner with the Historic Downtown BID for safety issues.

Fashion District BID, on the other hand... I called them about a drunken guy physically harassing women on the street. I watched a bike patrolman get to the scene, see the same thing I was seeing, stare for a second, and continue on his merry way.

Li said...

Rich, thanks for the BID Safe & Clean number--I just put it into my cell phone.

jim winstead said...

yes, despite my more cynical take, the bid security teams have always responded promptly when i've called them.

but i've also had no issues with getting a police response after calling the non-emergency number (877-ASK-LAPD).

Anonymous said...

Justin Weiss is such a loser... I can't believe someone actually hired him