Thursday, September 11, 2008

Downtown Scootin'

I've been seeing a lot of scooters downtown recently.

And why not? They are easy to park.

/not paying $175 for monthly parking.

$4.00 gas is less painful when you are getting 70 to 120 MPG.

or perhaps half a cent's worth of electricity a day.

My I suggest (as strongly as I can) that scooterists wear a motorcycle helmet when riding?


Anonymous said...

I am sad to say that we probably park in the same expensive garage..... I am guessing you don't know of any alternatives, do you?

Li said...

The Alexandria Hotel has parking for $100/month. That's where I used to park and where my husband (MB, the writer of this post) parks his motorcycle. I don't like the Alexandria because the gates are locked at 9 pm during the week, 6 pm on Saturdays and all day Sunday, which means you have to call the Alexandria's front desk to get your car. But my husband likes it just fine, and it is very cheap for the neighborhood.

BTW, that's where this blog gets its name.

LA Groove Junkie said...

LOL... I know that dude in the bottom picture! haha