Saturday, September 13, 2008

Inside the Stock Exchange

I snapped this through a hole in the plywood that covers one of the windows of the Stock Exchange. This will soon be home to Versus. Let's hope they don't paint over those elevator doors the way they did the front doors.

Update: My darling husband just told me that this isn't the Stock Exchange interior but the lobby of the soon-to-open SB Tower.

<Emily Litella>Never mind</Emily Litella>


Hatchetgirl said...

I bet they'd let you get shots of the interior hallway now. I was going to take my camera over yesterday as the doors were open all day, but I didn't. It's really beautiful in there - truly something to see.

Browne said...

They have another SB? It's like the Starbucks of lofts or something, is that was SB stands