Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No. Just, no.

I can understand that a gallery needs to maximize its income stream, but is Rouge Galerie really that desperate? These girls are appalled.

(Note to gallery owners: time to update your site).


Browne said...

At least it's air brushed and not permanent. I always wondered about those air brushed tattoos, but BusTard stopped me before I had a horrible lapse in judgment.

I notice alot of galleries that were in another location forget to update their websites. I think galleries should just have blogs (if they do the traditional gallery thing and have different shows, now if you have the same show for two years well...) if they aren't web design people. You can make a blog look just like a website and it is much easier to update.

I think websites are only for people who have static information, like a public relations firm or some kind of service oriented thing that doesn't change.

meekorouse said...

I saw that when I passed by on Art Walk night.. I thought it was an Art Walk gimmick to get people to come in to their gallery. Knowing that it's a regular thing, it still seems rather tacky.

inLAonLA said...

Time to get my airbrushed temporary tramp stamp!