Friday, September 19, 2008

Park[ing] day and other adventures

Took Kidlo to the Park[ing] parks. CRA/LA had a very nice park in front of the Popular Center on 4th. (Update: It's not CRA's, no ma'am, we know nothing of this park (wink))

The Downtown Neighborhood Council Park took over all of Winston, but included it's own parking spaces on the (fake) grass.

The Melendrez Park was an oases of green and shade in a sea of Downtown TV Filming. The young lady serving as Park Host (I didn't catch your name, sorry!) told me the TV peeps had been "very good about it."

The Torti Gallas park was... For Sale?

I tried to get to the EDOW Park on fifth, but the street was pretty much blocked off by a Bank Robbery being held at the Citi on Fifth and Flower.

When I got there, the Boys were lining up to go break up the party...

Ready, set...

Here we go!

Everybodies in. At this point, I decided it was time to go.

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