Saturday, September 6, 2008

Seven Grand vs. Broadway Bar

MB and I went to check out Seven Grand last night and we were pretty underwhelmed. The space is nice and dark (I hate how LA bars tend to be overlit), but it didn't have any comfortable seating. The main space is dominated by two pool tables and there aren't any comfy couches or booths to sit in. The only thing I liked about it was the balcony space, because it felt like a bar out of Blade Runner.

We decided to skip out of Seven Grand and check out the Golden Gopher...except they don't have a happy hour. Whoops! So we wound up at Broadway Bar instead. Good choice. The bar is big, the bar stools are comfy and the bartender was chatty and had an encyclopedic knowledge of booze.

MB had a dirty martini, a gin martini and a bourbon, I had two lemon drops (I was in the mood for a sweet drink). The music was pretty good, lots of early punk with some newer stuff tossed in the mix. It's great to have so many options in walking distance. I think next week we'll try Elevate or Origami.


chimatli said...

I have some negative feelings about the Broadway Bar due to their closures during Fiesta Broadway. I got this sense they cater to an exclusive clientèle. It sounds like it could be an interesting place, perhaps I should give them another chance.

Li said...

I didn't know about the Fiesta closure. That sucks. But when I was there, there was no attitude at all. It's a nice space but everyone was very chill.

Anonymous said...

the actually gopher does have a happy hour, though you wouldn't necessarily know it. it goes til 8 m-t and sunday all night. even though it's not too much of a happy hour, $1-2 off beer/well.